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Seven Tricky Ways to Save on Your Wedding Venue

Make Your Wedding Venue Affordable!

Wedding events are costly. Good thing, there are also many ways on how you can make each part of your wedding needs within your reach. For now, why don’t you start with your wedding venue? Here are some tricks that can help you save big on your budget for your wedding venues.

Hire one that is recommended to you

Either the recommendation is from a friend or your other wedding suppliers, chances are you can get a better deal and discount once they are aware that the place was recommended to you by someone who was satisfied with the services offered. Make sure that you also inform them that you are also planning to recommend this place to other people as well.

Avoid peak season

Due to the law of supply and demand, venue hire costs are higher during peak season. That is why when you choose your wedding date, it is best to go for periods when it is off-season. Avoid summer months as many hold events during this season, thus you have a lot of competition in hiring your ideal wedding venues.

Avoid Saturdays

Saturday is also a regular in-demand day. This day is widely chosen to do events since there is a bigger chance for all of the guests to come. That is why booking for a venue for a Saturday wedding is more expensive than the other week days.  

Choose a multi-purpose venue

A wedding venue where you can do both your ceremony and reception will definitely save you a lot. Not only that, you also get to save on your transportation costs. It is also very convenient for you and your guests as you won’t need to travel just to go to the next venue. Hotels are good wedding venue examples that offer spaces both for the ceremony and reception.

Do not over rent!

For this, you have to consider how big our wedding would be. Have a good estimate of how many of your guests can make it on your wedding day. This way, you will have an idea how big your venue should be. Of course, you don’t want to hire a too small venue for your wedding. You also would not want to over rent and spend more on your decorations just to fill the empty spaces.

Go for wedding packages

If wedding packages are offered by a good wedding venue, then you definitely should take it. Wedding packages are offered to help couples be more practical when planning for their big day. These usually include catering services, rentals, bridal suite, planning services, and amenities.

If not, use your backyard

If hiring a wedding venue is not really a part of your plan, then you should consider having a backyard wedding. Maybe with just a bit of makeover, you can turn your backyard to your ideal wedding venue.

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How to Have a Stress-Free Wedding by Booking a Venue at a Hotel?

Suave Ways to Help You Book the Right Wedding Hotel Venue

In the world full of trends, couples are really looking forward to having a stress-free wedding planning. No one wants to be a crazy bridezilla before the wedding day comes, right? It will wrinkle down your beautiful faces. It is always the right thing to look for a wedding venue that can make sure to pin down all your needs and wants for your wedding event. You might be thinking of booking a wedding venue at a hotel. Yes, a hotel really does have everything you need – from banquet halls to catering services – no doubt that it will lessen your problems. However, booking a hotel can be tricky. After all, there are maybe a hundred of different hotels in your city and you just need one for the big day. So to help you out, here are some specific ways on how to know what hotel to book for the wedding day:


Decide on Your Wedding Style and Theme

The first thing that you need to do before finding a hotel wedding venue then look for a photography expert and  decide on your wedding style and theme. Knowing what style of wedding you want will help you determine the type of hotel you need to book for. You might want to have an elegant wedding; this is the place to be. If you want to make it look like a Star Wars movie, you need to have a bigger hotel space for the added decorations. If you want to just have a simple banquet hall, find a hotel that offers simple style. Whatever type of style or theme you had in mind, it will make it easier to cross out the ones that don’t make your list.

Search Reviews on the Internet

Next, you might want to check some reviews on the internet. Search their websites and find out what their costumers think about them. This is also a great help to you to know if the other couples had been satisfied with the hotel service. The more thumbs up or 5- stars rating they get, the better type of hotel it is. So, this is one best way that you can consider to get the right hotel from hotel management programs that you want.

Take a Look Personally

Finally, you need to prepare your car and head on your chosen hotels. It is essential to find out what is the whole look of the hotel before you book it. Taking a look personally will help you feel the environment, the aura and the sensation of the place. As you see it with your own eyes, try to imagine how you will celebrate your big day in that area. Thus, it will make booking a wedding venue at a hotel easily done.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Wedding Venues in San Jose, CA

What You Need to Know About Outdoor Venues?

Do you have this romantic dream of tying the knot with your loved one with nothing but blue skies and sunshine above your heads? Of course, we want you to have your dream wedding day but bare in mind that there are quite a few practical issues to consider, especially if you want to get married outdoors. However, more and more brides like to have their wedding venues in San Jose CA outdoor. So, if you want to have outdoor wedding venues in San Jose CA, here are some things you need to know about:

Wedding VenueOutdoor blessings

Although you can’t be married outside under the full sky, you can have a blessing somewhere, such as a beach or a forest, even on top of a city rooftop, if that’s what grabs you. You will look beautiful when you are going to have an outdoor wedding venue. Another is, you will have amazing photos because outdoor wedding venues are great backdrops for a wedding day.

Weather conditions

It is not possible to have an outdoor wedding in winter. Spring is possible but the day might be sunny and bright, the evening and night can be chilly with a frost, so you need to think about that, the same applies in autumn. Summer is the best season for having an outdoor wedding but you’ll need to have a backup plan in case it rains, plus summer evenings in late August can still be quite chilly. Read more about this here.

An informal celebration

At an outdoor venue you could have a table plan or free seating depending on numbers and how formal you want things to be. Maybe just direct guests to a particular table but let them work out the place setting themselves? It is a great advantage. This type of venue will surely create amazing wedding photos.

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Exploring Exquisite Wedding Venues in Baltimore, MD

Wedding Venues in Baltimore

Wedding VenueWhen it comes to celebrating special events, it is definitely best to look for the best venue in town. Weddings are one important and unforgettable event. That is why it is best to look for the most ideal wedding venue in Baltimore, MD. You can visit the following places if you are deciding to tie the knot this season.

Lord Baltimore Hotel

A beautiful example of French Renaissance-style architecture, the Lord Baltimore Hotel is located near the Inner Harbor. This 23-story building is a very ideal wedding venue in Baltimore, MD with its more than 20,000 square feet of banquet space. Its 1928 grand ballroom features crystal chandeliers and a replica of the Versailles Dining Room. The facility provides both on-site and off-site catering services and has a maximum capacity of 400. Today, the building is being restored and developed to enhance its technological aspects. This  place is perfect example of venue that offer beautiful details for elegant wedding photography.

Grand Historic Venue

In 1867, the Freemasons of the Grand Lodge of Maryland picked a Charles Street location near the Inner Harbor for its permanent headquarters. In 1996, the Freemasons moved to another location. The building was purchased by Tremont Suite Hotels in 1998, was restored and the Tremont Grand was opened to the public in 2005. Wedding planning services by Embassy Suites Baltimore Inner Harbor, along with the Grand Historic Venue, are available. The all-suite hotel is available to lodge out-of-town guests, while the classic Grand Historic Venue is available for the reception.

Royal Sonesta Harbor Court

The Royal Sonesta Harbor Court is located on the water of the Inner Harbor. This facility has more than 10,000 square feet of space for special events and other meetings. the place can accommodate a maximum of 300 people. Royal Sonesta Harbor Court offers convenience and elegance for events like weddings, corporate events and other special events. Providing wedding planning services, the establishment is known for Food is Art celebrations for weddings.

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How to Beautifully Decorate Venues for Houston, TX Wedding

Wedding Venue Decorations

If you are planning for your wedding, there are so many things to plan such as the entertainment, photographer, catering, DJs and the venue. Of course, a wedding will not be complete without having a stunning decoration for your wedding venue. Therefore, you need to choose a venue that has a few restrictions when it comes to decorations so that you will have the freedom to do whatever style or theme that you like for the venue.

Wedding VenueHere are some of the decorations that you can have for wedding venues in Houston, TX:

Choose a flower based centerpiece for your wedding venue. This will look great for any kind of theme that you have in mind. You can choose to decorate the tables with gorgeous and colorful flower vases as well.

If you want to have a reception at night, you can choose to decorate tables with scented candles of various sizes and shapes. You can also hang lanterns and Christmas lights in order to create a wonderful ambiance it also create interesting detail in your bridal photos.

During your wedding reception, you can add attraction by preparing a big wedding cake on the table. If you want, you can also choose smaller cakes on each table or arrange mini cupcakes in a wonderful tray.

You can choose to decorate the chairs as well. You can add colorful covers on each one that matches the theme of your wedding. To make it more creative, you can tie laces and ribbons on the chairs.

Look for wedding venues in Houston, TX that is spacious enough so that you can have an arch that is beautifully decorated with flowers, lighting and balloons like the one that is being offered by You can choose to make the arch as colorful and stylish as you want in your wedding venues Houston.

There are many wedding venues in Houston, TX that you can choose from but you need to make sure that you find the one that can provide you with spacious facilities and comfortable ambiance.

The Bell Tower on 34th
901 W 34th St,
Houston, TX 77018
(713) 868-2355

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Save Extra Time Look For a Caterer by Looking For Restaurant Wedding Venues in Washington, DC Instead

Making Your Wedding Planning Simpler

wedding venueDiscovering great wedding venues in Washington, DC is simple; however discovering one that can match your advantage also value reach will be a bit harder. With the numerous gathering zones open to weddings why not strive for a basic restaurant? The following are a couple of upsides and downsides of why a restaurant to be a decent pick for a gathering territory.

Something worth being thankful for you can get from a restaurant is extraordinary wedding food. Contingent upon a restaurant however in the event that you have ate there before then you practically have a grip of what sort of food they serve. This likewise permits you the chance to skip taste tests and long meetings which you will be doing with other third party caterers. Considering wedding venues in Washington, DC that are restaurants is virtually taking out two birds with one stone.

You get to discover a reception venue and a caterer. You will likely have the capacity to get a markdown here and there which you couldn’t with two different vendors. Having a restaurant that has managed weddings will likewise be a decent advantage. This would mean you will have encountered staff working at your wedding, something else you need to consider when employing a caterer. A restaurant by any means would be a good pick since almost everything is already arranged by the venue, check over at this website.

A few cons with restaurants is the negligible space, unless you’re wanting to lease the entire restaurant for the entire night (can get lavish) then you may be imparting the restaurant to their different regulars, for instance in the event that it’s a two-story restaurant your wedding will be at top and clients at the base. Pick a venue that also offer perfect view for your wedding photography.

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Quick Guide for the Right Lighting of Venues in Cleveland, OH for Your Wedding

Wedding Venue Lighting

Indoor or outdoor weddings, there must be ample lighting. Whether you will hold the ceremony in the morning or afternoon and host the reception in a ballroom, the lighting should be considered. Why, because proper lighting adds a different ambiance to the venue at the same time affects the mood and warmth of the celebration.

Wedding VenueIn searching for wedding venues in Cleveland, OH, whether indoor or outdoor, go for the one with good lighting. You do not want to play hide in seek in the dark, looking for your parents or for the guests to guests to guess which table they should be. Good lighting is also necessary, as it makes the food, the decorations, the guests and all the other elements around look good in photos.

You can successfully achieve good lighting or wedding illumination if you speak with someone specializing in wedding illumination, or maybe the venue has. These are most likely the terms you will have to deal with.

Color wash – sounds like a term used in art or for fashion, but it is also used for lighting fixtures. This can be achieved by blanketing an entire area, like the wall or ceiling with colored lighting. Talk to the specialist to discuss what look you would like to achieve. Take a look over at this website for possible venue.

String/bistro/café lighting – this looks like the flickering Christmas lights, but this lights come in strands of either round or pear-shaped bulbs. You can commonly see this used for outdoor wedding ceremonies or receptions. If you want to achieve a dreamy yet luminous overhead canopy, this lighting should be used.

Gobo – another popular lighting nowadays is called Gobo. This is a specially designed stencil of glass or metal. This is then placed over a light and reflects the stencil pattern or design on the dance floor or wall. It depends what designs you want for your wedding, like your wedding date, monograms of your names or a motif you have in mind.

For intelligent lighting for wedding venues in Cleveland, OH, it is best to discuss it with your wedding venue organizer. They may have someone on site or a recognized vendor to help you.

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Wedding Venues in Nashville, TN with Ceremony and Reception Site

One Venue for Everything You Need

Looking for the right place for your special day is all but impossible when you’re searching through various wedding venues in Nashville, TN. Most couples will tend to go the traditional way by having their ceremony at a church and go somewhere else for the reception, but why not just have a one-stop wedding venue? Having your ceremony and reception in one place is starting to become a trend for modern couples nowadays and for a good reason. Here are a couple reasons why you should pick only one venue for your wedding.

Wedding PlaceFirst the obvious, you get the convenience of one site. Sticking with a single venue keeps the travel easy for everyone who is involved in your wedding. There won’t be any issues getting from point A to point B. you won’t have to worry about hiring a shuttle service to bring your guests who don’t have cars to a different venue.

Instead of spending on two separate wedding venues in Nashville, TN you only need to spend in one. Again you’re practically killing two birds with one stone and saving some money by choosing only one wedding for both your ceremony and reception. You can also take a picture and compare it to other venue.

Here are some disadvantages to having a single spot as your wedding venue. Your decoration costs will go up. You now have the space and you need to decorate it to fit the requirements of a ceremony and a reception. Actually, with a little work and smart thinking you won’t have to spend so much on extra décor, if you have a wedding planner they can walk you through all the potential possibilities.

Sometimes when getting a venue they won’t allow you to make any major settings to their regular setup. Let’s say they always have receptions, now you want to add an aisle and an altar they might not be to open to extra work, click for more info here.

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Decorations for Wedding Venues in Columbus, OH

Wedding Decorations

The place where the matrimonial ceremony takes place will always be a vital part of any wedding event. Wedding venues in Columbus, OH can be one the special places for your wedding if you’re planning to celebrate one. Wedding venues are boring without decorations that would liven up the party. Here are some of the most common wedding decoration for a splendid wedding venue.

wedding venueBalloons

Balloons are one of the most common decoration in wedding venues in Columbus, OH. It comes with different colors and shapes and designs that you can choose from to adorn the wedding venue. If you have chosen a romantic theme for your wedding, then you can go for a heart shaped balloons in colors red and white.


Floral decorations had never been out of tune as a choice for wedding venue decorations. The sweet-smelling fragrances and the rich vivid colors of different varieties of flower never ceased to make guests stop for a while and take a peek on them. This also symbolizes the participation of nature in the wedding ceremony. Flowers add color to wedding photography which make them ideal as decoration.


Make your wedding more romantic for you and your partner by adding varied colors of candles for the wedding venue. When using candles in occasions, you should consider the color, style, aroma, height and width of the candle. Candles represents the passion and heat of love the couples have for each other. Scented candles are ideal for wedding events.


Setting a centerpiece that would be very pleasing to the eyes is great. You can use fruit carvings, or floral designs. You can also use floating balloons to make it more attractive. Placing different centerpiece on each table is also a unique design for the venue.

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Experienced Staff of Hotel Wedding Venues in San Antonio, TX

Get the Complete Package in Hotels

We all heard of the cliché wedding at a hotel, but for a good reason hotels are actually the best picks for good wedding venues in San Antonio, TX. So why are hotel wedding venues so darn common? Here are a couple reasons why you should pick a hotel as a spot for your reception or both ceremony and reception.

Hotels will always have experienced staff that knows how to handle their clients. You can rely on a hotel to cater to your every need and they most probably know how to handle weddings because they have done it before.

Wedding VenueHotel wedding venues in San Antonio, TX typically provide rentals in their package. This means you don’t have to worry about looking for a place to rent out chairs and tables, most even have sound systems provided, it’s just a matter of finding a hotel that has the whole package.

What is a wedding without getting hair and make-up on, right? When you have a hotel as a venue, you can easily book rooms and many hotels even give discounted rates since your already renting their function hall. Another great thing is that hotels offer in-house caterers. This means you won’t have to go looking for a caterer outside the venue because one is already provide. Again if you spend some time looking for the right hotel, they can offer you the complete wedding package, DJs, photographer and decorations included.

There is a downside to this though. A wedding venue like a hotel won’t adjust freely to your interests. They have a fixed setup and they won’t easily allow you to put your own personal touch to it. The reason being is because they already have training to handle an event is a specific way, adding something might throw them off balance.

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