Long Distance Marriage Advice

All About WeddingMany people think that long distance relationship is not ideal. Intense trust and respect are the top requirements of such relationship.  No matter if it is a long distance or not there is no such thing as easy relationship. You need to work hard in order to have successful one. Before entering any marriage you should prepare yourself first and make sure that you understand the consequences of having a long distance relationship. The space maybe just a temporary but you can’t deny the fact that you too have needs that should be fulfilled your spouse.

Instead of focusing on the distance you need to see a bigger picture. There are some rules that you need to consider in order to survive a long distance relation.

  •         Avoid too much thinking, instead be positive and trust your instinct. Think of your beautiful wedding photograph and let it be your inspiration. Do things that will make you busy like starting a home business or do an active lifestyle. You can also do a charity work and share it to your friends. Making yourself idle will just make you feel lonely and alone. Make your life more meaningful.
  •         Explore all possible means of communication. Try calling him, if it is too expensive you can have instant messenger or social networking sites. You can email him for a more personal touch. You can also send some present through postal. This will surprise him and remind him that you are there as his wife.
  •         When communicating avoid sarcasm. It will not help you to have a good conversation. Choose your words as much as possible. Use words that will tickle his imagination.
  •         And when his home, take care of him. Cook his favorite food and set up a romantic dinner even if you are just at home.
  •         Before he left, do all the things you want to do with him like watching movies, dining at your favorite resto, camping out of town and other adventurous things.
  •         If you have extra money, save it and book a flight to where he is. It will surprise him. You don’t need to do this often but trying to visit him once in awhile will make him feel special.
  •         Stay faithful and loyal. No matter how lonely you are try not to have a friendly date with other guy. It will lead to something serious and end up doing adultery.
  • Stay focus on your dreams. Think of something special like having a kid in the near future with your husband.

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