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Buying Engagement Rings in Houston, TX and Big Mistakes You Should Avoid

Big Don’ts when Buying Engagement Rings

wedding-ring86Making a proposal is one of the most awaited happenings in someone’s life, especially the most common to a woman. Asking the most common four-word question is not done by saying it only. Beyond the flowers and fancy romantic dinner, the most important part is offering the engagement ring. Well, it is not easy to buy a jewelry especially for a man who does not know much about it. The least that you can do is to avoid making mistakes. Here are some that you must prevent doing when it comes to buying engagement rings in Houston, TX.

Not researching anything, about rings is just among many mistakes that many make. To buy one, you will have to know what you are buying first. You simply cannot walk in a jewelry shop and buy a ring without knowing if it really is the one you are looking for and if it is worth your money. Start doing your research by being aware of the Four Cs which stands for carat, color, clarity, and cut. These four factors determine the value of the ring.

Not researching about your partner’s preferences is just another mistake that you will have to avoid if you really want to buy the perfect engagement ring. Any woman might be impressed at first with the ring you would like to give to her, but it is inevitable for her to think at least once if it is the kind of ring that she will wear on a daily basis. Never let your partner have these thoughts by familiarizing yourself with her jewelry preferences. Consider her own fashion sense and lifestyle. Might as well get help from her family and friends to help you out in choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Choosing a not-so-good jeweler will also hinder you from buying an engagement ring worth your money. Especially if your ring design has very intricate details, you will need an excellent jeweler to make it possible for you. Hire an experienced and licensed jeweler. If you are on a budget, you can hire one via online. Many online jewelry stores now also offer customized engagement rings in Houston, TX.

Not checking the certification is also something important that you must not forget when you buy an engagement ring. Any jeweler can easily give you a certification that proves the ring that you are going to buy is legit. However, what matters is the grading report given by Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society.

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Bold and Symbolic Engagement Rings in Tucson, AZ with Black Diamond

Unusual Engagement Ring For You

Diamonds come in many colors. There are yellow, blue, pink and green diamonds. But who would have thought that there is also a black one? Yes, you read it right! Nowadays, black diamond for engagement rings in Tucson, AZ are now in the trend. Here is to know why.

wedding ringIt is not the usual diamond – Just like other colors of diamond, black diamonds also symbolize  commitment and love. But unlike clear diamonds, the black ones look more striking due to its unusual and mysterious color. Due to its dark inclusions that are densely concentrated, black diamonds do not have have clarity grades.

Black is the new white – Black diamonds are as durable as white ones. Bt what makes them more captivating is that it holds powerful meaning. Black also mean authority, strength, and passion. Just like white diamonds, these are also also versatile to any piece of jewelry.

Edgy and sophisticated – If your partner always speak with confidence, then a black diamond engagement ring will definitely suit her. Classy but edgy, it will not hurt to be adventurous for a time. Black diamonds also sparks charm and mysteriousness which give interesting details in your bridal portrait.

Many settings to choose from – Do not fret as the setting options for black diamond engagement rings in Tucson, AZ are not limited. Still, it is recommended to go for channel, pave, and prong setting. In addition to that, since it has no clarity grade you can almost use any cut from rose, small table to large table.

Definitely cheaper – Don’t be surprised if you find out that black diamonds are actually way cheaper than clear diamonds even though they are hard to obtain. There are the natural fancy color and the color enhanced black diamonds. Color enhanced black diamonds are more affordable.

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Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Tips for Engagement Rings in Washington, DC

How to Clean a Jewelry

Remember the time when your husband suddenly bended on one knee, grabbed your hand and ask the proposal? You may have clear photograph of this event in your memory. It’s definitely the most wonderful thing you’ll always want to remember. Of course, you will never ever forget the engagement ring from Washington, DC that he gave you.

Wedding RingOver time, a jewelry may tarnish or may look dull. It’s the time that you will need a to clean and polish your jewelry to get that shining, shimmering look it possess, the first time you wear it. Bring back the glitz and glamour by using the following things.

Aluminum Foil.

To clean your jewelry, simply line a small bowl with aluminum foil. Fill the bowl with hot water and mix in one tablespoon of bleach-free powdered laundry detergent. Powdered, not liquid. Put the jewelry in the solution and let it soak for one minute. Rinse well and air-dry. This procedure makes use of the chemical process known as ion exchange, which can also be used to clean silverware.


Brighten up your gold and silver trinkets by soaking them for 10 minutes in a solution of 1/2 cup clear ammonia mixed in 1 cup warm water. Gently wipe clean with a soft cloth and let dry. Note: Do not do this with jewelry containing pearls, because it could dull or damage their delicate surface.

Baking Soda.

To remove built-up tarnish from your silver, make a thick paste with 1/4 cup baking soda and 2 tablespoons water. Apply with a damp sponge and gently rub, rinse, and buff dry. To polish gold jewelry, cover with a light coating of baking soda, pour a bit of vinegar over it, and rinse clean. Do not use this technique for engagement rings from Washington, DC containing pearls or gemstones, as it could damage their finish or loosen any glue.

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Making an Informed Decision When It comes to Engagement Rings from Charlotte, NC

Settling whether or not to Have a Custom Made Ring

wedding RingLooking at all the engagement rings in Charlotte, NC you might feel that none of them have that personal feel to them. An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and devotion so its only understandable you want to make it personal. Some may opt to have their own rings made from scratch and many jewelers make custom rings. Here are a couple facts you need to know about making custom engagement rings before you settle on a decision.

Before diving ahead with a plan to custom make your own engagement ring, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages, and study what it will take to make your custom design ring into a reality.

Making any engagement rings in Charlotte, NC from a custom design has many benefits.

  • Your ring will feel inspired and inventive, and have your own personal touch
  • It will reflect your hobbies and qualities.
  • No one else will have the same ring.
  • A really one of a kind design will earn praise, and will be a good conversation topic for a long time
  • By making custom rings, you can likewise make an image of who you are as a couple.

In any case you need to know the downsides of such a ring as well:

  • It’s more expensive. Don’t be astonished to pay up to three times what you would for a non-custom ring. Amount relies on how complicated the ring design is going to be
  • It takes longer. While it’s a great look for any bride-to-be, it can take up to 12 months to properly design and make a really complicated ring. You also need to provide photograph of the design to make it right.
  • The jeweler additionally has a say in a definitive design — and as the master with valuable metals and stones, he or she ought to.

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Offbeat Consideration for Engagement Rings in Louisville, KY

Offbeat Bridal Engagement Ring

Purchasing for engagement rings in Louisville, KY does not mean you need to follow the conventional style. There are instances wherein the couple has a different taste when it comes to design. The most common engagement ring that has been making rounds since the 80s is the round diamond engagement ring. While it is true that it is timeless and classy, some couples want to try offbeat ones,

wedding ringBlack diamonds

Have you thought of getting one? If yes then you are trying to break the barrier. You can retain the rest of the style of a traditional ring. The only thing that sets it apart from the usual ring is its black main stone safety tucked on a fancy metal setting.

Garnet ring

If your bride is born in January, giving her the garnet ring is a perfect choice. The ring becomes too classy when the metal used is made of white gold; its red main stone creates noticeable accent. Embellish it with small diamond stones on its band to look vintage.

Yellow sapphire ring

Don’t you know that this lovely stone exists? The answer is yes and you can have it featured on your engagement ring. To make the yellowish palette stand out, choose double white gold band that intertwines to support the stone setting.

Amethyst ring

Instead of going for blue sapphire, why not try this exquisite ring that is uniquely purple. The amethyst gemstone has a 5 karat weight which is perfect for square patterned stone setting. It will stand out when paired with a customized white gold band. This type of gemstone gained popularity not only to brides but also to wedding photographers who are into micro photography.

Nothing beats offbeat engagement rings in Louisville, KY if you are trying to achieve fresh and ultra modern perspective. Getting these innovative alternatives ring is fairly the same process on how you get a traditional ring—you consider the 4Cs, certification, and price. The only difference is the style and the decoration.

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Avoiding the Risks When Buying Engagement Rings in Denver, CO

Avoiding Bridal Ring Selection Mistakes

Some women may consider getting an engagement ring as impractical, but for some it is a forever symbol of love for the bride and the groom. There are women who stopped wearing their engagement rings because they find them fashionably awkward to wear, especially when the style isn’t echoing her personality. As a groom-to-be, it is a must that you offer her one of the diamond engagement rings Denver that suit her style.

Wedding RingNowadays, it is easier to commit wedding blunders, especially when shopping for a ring. Some couples shop for the engagement ring together to avoid disappointments. If you want your engagement to be a surprise for her, make sure you have comprehensively researched regarding her likes and dislikes about jewelry.

Studying her style should be the top priority of the process. She will be the one who will wear the ring so it is just right to pick the best item that she desires. Sneak on her jewelry box and measure the rings that she’s currently wearing, take a photo of it for your reference.

When buying a ring, avoid retailers with no certifications especially when getting a diamond ring. Make sure that the shop has return and exchange policy to ensure that you can still swap it with other items once the ring doesn’t fit her finger.

The item you have chosen from the roster of engagement rings in Denver, CO will be a powerful weapon to make her say yes during the proposal. You need to wait for the perfect moment in order to ask her hand to marry you. Remember that you shouldn’t blab about the intention of proposing, even to your friends, if you don’t want everything that you have planned to be blown out.

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How to Give a Girl an Engagement Ring in Long Beach, CA?

Romantic Ways to Give a Girl a Ring

Long Beach Ca is one of the most romantic places to get your proposal involved. There are also many engagement rings in Long Beach CA to buy if you are planning for an upcoming proposal. However, most guys doesn’t know how to surprise or even give a girl engagement rings in Long Beach CA in a most romantic and decent way. Well, here are some ways you can follow:

wedding ringWrap It

One of the easiest ways to present an engagement ring is as a gift. Wrap the diamond rings Long Beach in a pretty box and give it to your girlfriend on a traditional gift giving holiday, such as her birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Make sure you’re there to watch her open it, both so you can explain its significance and so that you can see her face light up when she first sees it.

Go To a Romantic Locale

Got a location that you and your girlfriend consider “yours,” such as the place where you first kissed or the restaurant where you had your first date. These are good settings for the presentation of a promise ring. Since you’ll want the presentation to be more casual than a proposal, consider sliding her the box or slipping the ring on her finger while you talk.

Make It a Surprise

Another way to present the ring is when you’re just going about your day. Slip the ring box in her purse when she’s not looking or set it out on the kitchen table and wait until she notices. If you want a grander surprise, create a little scavenger hunt for her. Give her a small note that tells her the location of the next note. Have the final note explain the purpose of the ring and sit right next to the box.  Don’t forget to take a picture as a souvenir for your engagement.

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