Groom’s Gift-Giving Guide

In some cultures, a wedding celebration is not just a beginning but also a gift. It is considered as a huge opportunity for the couple to start their own family legacy. The gifts from the wedding guests play a huge role in the start of the couple’s married life. Thus, guests must thoroughly think of a gift that the couple would really enjoy using at home, at work or for leisure.

wedding giftIt is not, however, the guests who need to figure out the gifts to buy and give. It is tradition that dictates the groom to be responsible in buying and giving gifts for the male members of the entourage. The groom takes care of the gifts for his best man, groomsmen, male ushers and even the little boy ring bearer.

Grooms will also have a challenging time determining the types of gifts to pick for each recipient. It is suggested to think individually of the recipients, because each of them has unique taste and interests. Of course you can purchase the same item for everyone, but would you give a cigar ashtray to your groomsman who doesn’t smoke? You can pick and give appropriate gifts for the male members of your entourage if you will consider the personality of each recipient.

The amount of money to spend on gifts for the male members of the entourage depends highly on your budget. Weddings nowadays are already expensive and could cost even more if you don’t plan carefully. Plan how much you are willing to spend for each groomsman, usher and bearer. If you are really tight on your wedding budget, spend on wedding gifts whatever is left from it. Try shopping online because you can choose coupons and vouchers. Furthermore, you will get discounts in bulk orders. So ask your partner about ordering the gifts for the female members of the entourage through online too.

The groom must not forget offering appropriate gifts for his father and for his bride’s father. It does not necessarily have to be expensive. Search for simple items to give to them as your way of showing your appreciation for their support. If you and your bride believe your fathers or both parents deserve something special, you can share the cost for the joint gifts. Less-expensive options include giving them gift certificates to a fine-dining restaurant or a business-class airline tickets. This is just a simple way of telling them how thankful you are, especially if most of the wedding expenses were shouldered by them. You can go for simple thing but please avoid giving photo frames, that will just disappoint everyone.

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