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Include Mason Jars to Add Color to Your Wedding Catering in Raleigh, NC

How to Personalized Mason Jars at Your Reception?

If you want to build something interesting and include it in your wedding catering in Raleigh, NC, you actually can. Mason jars are hugely popular right now in the crafting world, providing infinite possibilities when it comes to DIY projects. This is one project that you can incorporate in your wedding catering to satisfy your guests in your wedding event.

Wedding CateringHere are some ideas on how you can make them into something amazing:


Perhaps the first alternative use for mason jars was as a beverage container.  Serve your favorite cocktail in decorated mason jars for a rustic feel.  Dress up the jars as much or as little as you’d like to add a personal flair.

Party favors for the guests

Give your guests a memento to take home with them.  Take any simple recipe and layer the ingredients to create pretty party favors.  You can give them hot cocoa and cookie mix are because they are both great options. Another fun spin on this idea would be to layer different kinds of bath salts and goodies in a jar for your guests. Additional info here.


Serve individual desserts in mason jars for an adorable wedding treat.  These can be served after dinner or guests can take them home to enjoy after the reception.  S’mores in a jar, blueberry pie in a jar, and no-bake strawberry cheesecake in a jar are all delicious desserts that look pretty served in a mason jar.

Cake topper

Nothing shows your love for mason jars like using it as your cake topper to make it more appetizing in your wedding picture.  This is a fun little way to incorporate mason jars in your wedding catering in Raleigh, NC without having to include them in every aspect of your wedding.  Match the jar and cake to your wedding’s color palette to add a bit of rustic charm to your special day.

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3 Dependable Providers of Wedding Catering in Fresno, CA

3 Great Providers of Wedding Catering

Wedding photographers and Djs are not the only vendors that are important in venue. One of the things that your guests will remember during your wedding reception is the food. Thus, if you don’t want to disappoint your guests, make sure to get professional providers of wedding catering in Fresno, CA.

Wedding CateringHere are wedding caterers within Fresno that can provide you with excellent catering services during your reception.

Grand Occasions Catering and Banquets

If you’re looking for a catering provider that can provide all kinds of set up for a wedding reception, Grand Occasions Catering and Banquets is one of the top choices. Discuss your plans with their professional team and they’ll help you map out your event and offer all kinds of help to ensure your reception will go smoothly.

La Ryan Signature Events

No matter what kind of event you’re throwing, La Ryan Signature Events will make sure that it’s realized and will turn out successful. With La Ryan, you can be sure to receive professional service by their dedicated and experience team.

Five Star Catering

Whether an event is big or small, Five Star Catering will make sure that it’s done perfectly. The best thing about this provider of wedding catering in Fresno, CA is that they several unique specialty and homemade menus. You may also request the menus that will be served during your reception and they’re surely create it according to your preference.

These are only some of the best providers of wedding catering within Fresno. One thing that you can be sure of is that no matter what size your party be or no matter what kind of catering style you wish to have, these caterers will surely ensure that you get what you want.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Tipping Your Wedding Catering Company from Charlotte, NC

What is the Proper Tip Amount?

Should you tip your wedding catering service from Charlotte, NC or not, unlike other services there are no rigid standards. So a great number of people wind up being confounded and unsure of what to do. Tipping caterers can get to be ungainly when you’re befuddled of what to do.

Wedding CateringOne might say catering is much the same as a restaurant. You’d likely tip at a restaurant so why not tip a caterer? A tip is an awesome approach to recognize and thank the servers, barkeeps and on occasion chief for their incredible service. This is also being done to some photographers.

Numerous catering contracts incorporate a Service Charge, which is for the most part 18% of the aggregate bill. Check the agreement to check whether this charge is the tip. In the event that it is not or if there is no service charges think about leaving a tip for them.

In case you’re having a bigger occasion with numerous wedding catering staff from Charlotte, NC, its best to offer money to the Banquet Manager/organizer to disseminate to the individual servers, barkeeps and kitchen staff. This is generally the most proficient approach to segregate the tips to a vast staff. Small bills are useful with this alternative. In case you’re having a littler occasion, for example, a gathering in your home, it is normally most straightforward to give the tip specifically to each one staff this gives also a personal touch to your good deeds.

On the off chance that the barkeeps are independent from the caterer (generally the situation when you have a different contract for the bar), 10-15% of the aggregate bar bill is a genuinely standard tip. Not certain what number of servers, barkeeps and kitchen staff you will have? Check your contract and make it clear.

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Decors for a Rustic Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Catering in Dallas, Texas

Ideas for a Rustic-Themed Wedding Reception

Looking for beautiful decors for a rustic-themed  wedding ceremony and wedding catering in Dallas, Texas? There’s so many options that you can choose from.

Wedding CateringMany couples love the idea of a rustic wedding because of its unique and pretty laid back character. Consider these stuffs that you can use for your rustic ceremony and reception.

For your chapel decors, use golden garlands of wheat to adorn the rafters and the chapel’s pew for a picture perfect. To create an ethereal effect, layer the strands of garlands with feathers. You’ll see how elegant and magical these stuffs especially when touched by the last rays of sunlight.

Another way to incorporate a rustic vibe to your wedding reception is by having the guests pick up cowbells along with their respective escort cards. You can use sheep or cowbells as your wedding favor, call to meals, or table assignments.

Hang wheat-covered wire baskets as your chandelier. This is especially beautiful if you’re reception is outdoors at a garden or a courtyard overlooking a picturesque countryside. Then ask provider of your wedding catering in Dallas, Texas to use vases filled with wildflowers and branches of shrubs.

For your wedding favors, give each of your guests with oversized and handcrafted caramel bars wrapped in a wax paper.Then add a ribbon to finish a rustic appearance of your favors. You can also give cupcakes as your favors carefully arranged inside a small wooden basket.

For your table numbers, place a large numeral on top of a bundle of wheat in every tables. First, paint the number on a cardboard and cover it’s edges with thin linen. Then insert it on a bunch of wheat which it can conveniently stand on its own.

To give your guests some fun before leaving your reception, prepare burlap sachets filled with sunflower seeds and toss them before the night’s end. This is especially great if your reception is held on ranch, a barn, or a country manor.

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Flavorful Food Ideas for Wedding Catering in Nashville, TN

Serving Good Food in a Wedding Reception

Coming up with good food for a reception of your big day might be a huge challenge especially if you don’t have the love for the art of cooking. Before you sign the agreement with the caterer, you need to know which type of setup you are going to pick first. Please try to consider if it will be a catering reception for breakfast, lunch or dinner, look at this website.

There are cases wherein you can deviate from the usual type of food catering. It does not actually matter for as long as your guests were able to enjoy your event, especially the food. Here are some of the food ideas you can try when you hire a service of wedding catering in Nashville, TN:

Wedding CateringSociable food

One of the many ways to make guests interact with each other is through food. There are list of menus that can push them to socialize with each other, like fajitas, fondues, tapas, desserts, appetizers and many more. Put it in the center table, and notice how they will start to flock like ants.

Festival catering

If your reception is outdoor, double the loads of fun by hiring catering vans loaded with food, like baked potatoes, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, falafels and many more. You can also feature local delicacies on your festival catering. Of course, it will not be complete without loud music and dancing. This setup is also perfect for beach weddings. This is ideal if you want to have festive themed wedding photography.


If there is one thing to learn about bridal catering, it does need to be arranged exclusively on dinner time. You can have it in the morning as well. Serve your guests with sumptuous bacon, eggs, pancakes, French toasts, croissants, fresh fruits, doughnuts, yoghurt and many more.

Of all the elements on your reception, food should be given much attention. Your guests will not remember your event because of the beautiful dress you’re wearing; they are most likely to remember it because they have experienced good food. Invest your cash on the right provider of wedding catering in Nashville, TN to ensure high quality menus.

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Food Trends to Request From Your Wedding Catering in Boston, MA to Achieve a Healthy Reception Setting

How to Serve Healthy Foods

In a wedding it is crucial to have photographer, florists, decorator and planner however having a good caterer will make the wedding memorable. Weddings are grand occasions. For some, wedding receptions are struggles. Why? It’s because they’re on a diet. When you’re on the verge of the planning and settling the menu to be served on the guest’s table, it is important to be wary not just of the taste but of the nutritional value as well. Opt for wedding caterings in Boston, MA that could provide a healthy but delicious meals. If you’ve adopted a healthy eating mantra to get ready for your big day, why not stick with it through your reception?

Here’s how to break away from the usual high-calorie, high-fat wedding reception.

wedding cateringFarm-to-table Movement.

Ask your wedding catering service provider in Boston, MA about where they get their ingredients. Look for vendors that grow their own vegetables and fruits. See to it that you get to be served with the best organic produce in town. The more organic the ingredients, the healthier option. Plus, fresh ingredients yields great-tasting foods.

Keep cocktail hour light and creative.

There are tons of passed hors d’oeuvres and little bites, and they most often are the boldest, most delicious options of the night. Serve your guests with delicious and pretty looking, low-carb starters. Include canapés of heirloom melon, Thai basil, torn burrata, and balsamic reduction; pea tartar with mint, Meyer lemon olive oil, and shaved Manchego cheese; and compressed cucumber, smoked salmon, and fresh chive on silver spoons.

Serve family style.

This is perfect for weddings with big round tables wherein guests can seat and select the food they want. This option allows guests to pass platters to each other. It is also a great way for guests to know each other and converse about things going on around. Family style is also ideal to present more menu ideas. Typically, you can choose three main course items and several sides, which means you can have waist-friendly entrées placed on every table. When beautiful salads and bright veggie platters are being passed from guest to guest, everyone will partake. With so many options on the table guests are likely to take a smaller helping so they can try a little of everything.

Beer and wine only.

Not only that these beverages are of much cheaper choice, beer and wine are also fewer in calories than sodas and other mixed drinks. They also have heart-friendly benefits that’s great for health-buff guests.

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Delicious and Healthy Foods for Your Wedding Catering in Houston, TX

Wedding Catering Vegetable Dishes

Choosing that right kinds of foods that you will serve to your guests is one of your main concerns for your wedding. You need to make sure that you prepare a balanced food that everyone would like. You need to consider the lifestyle of your guests so that you can decide on the kinds of food that you will settle for. You can mix and match various dishes for your wedding catering in Houston, TX in order to make sure that your guests will find a dish that they will like, reliable catering here Astral Catering LLC.

If the majority of your guests are health conscious, you can serve delicious yet healthy foods such as veggies and fruits. The following are some of the vegan recipes that you can include in your wedding catering in Houston, TX:

wedding catering Houston TXCumin Spiced Mahi Mahi Tacos with Nectarine Avocado Salsa – The secret to this dish is the zesty spices flavor that is added. The spices are healthier as compared to breading and frying. You can also cut back on refined sugars by serving the fish or corn tortillas rather than in flour.

Shrimp, Tomato and Watermelon Salad – Shrimps are a great source of protein and this fresh and light salad will definitely be enjoyed by the guests. You can serve the salad on leafy greens like arugula or spinach to add more nutrients.

Mixed Grill Kebabs with Guava BBQ Sauce – The shrimps, veggies and fish are brushed with olive oil and fruity barbecue sauce in order for the flavor to lighten up. This is an easy dish to make and delicious as well.

Poached Cod with Roasted Peppers, Capers and Spinach – Bell peppers are great source of vitamin C while garlic, spinach, capers and fresh basil provides an explosive medley of flavors that your guests will surely love.

Grilled Halibut with Lemon Mint Gremolata – Halibut is rich in selenium, niacin and tryptophan while gremolata which is a combination of grated lemon, fresh mint and minced garlic offers a wonderful flavor to the dish.

Garden Fresh Green Beans – Green beans are a great source of nutrients and the mushroom will add flavor and texture to the dish. You can add black pepper and lemon juice for a healthier twist.

With all those food you will assure that you will not only get stunning wedding photographs of the food but also it will make your day memorable. There are many kinds of healthy dishes that you can serve for your wedding catering in Houston, TX. Look around for the best caterers that will provide you with a wide variety of healthy dishes that you can choose from.

Astral Catering
8225 Cantrell St,
Houston, TX 77074
(281) 407-5621

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Food Serving Styles that Wedding Caterings in Tucson, AZ Can Provide

Different Food Serving Styles

Planning for the reception can include the type of services needed. Wedding caterings in Tucson, AZ provides different types of food service styles that will help you with your options. Here are four types of food service that catering services can offer.

wedding cateringBuffet

Buffets create a very relaxed atmosphere, which is great for a rustic style fete or one held in a backyard. Because servers are not required in this kind, it lowers down the cost of service. Buffet allows an array of foods that your guests can choose from. This may not likely be ideal for those who doesn’t want to wait in a long line. The informal style may not match your overall wedding aesthetic.


The plated dinner is perfect for an elegant type wedding setting. This can be limiting since you have to serve the type of food that generally everyone will enjoy. Make sure to ask your guests of their food preference before deciding what to serve. Sometimes guests feel more relaxed when their meal is served to them rather than having to navigate a buffet. Remember to consider your location and wedding venue in because opting for this can of service can hike up your budget for the wedding catering in Tucson, AZ since you will be needing servers, click for more info.

Home Style

Homestyle is somewhat similar to a buffet but with a more relaxed feel. The guests will sit in an open table where menus are served. That way, your guests can choose the dish they want to eat while also promoting friendship and conversation in the table. The seating arrangements will become very important when planning to serve your wedding meal in this style. Make sure you feel as though those seated together will like each other.

Mini Bites

Mini food is the trendiest style of the season. Since this style is created with “bite-sized” in mind, your caterer may hike up your fees because of the time needed to create such intricate foods. This can only be ideal for appetizers or desserts. They are often photographs by many guest because of their presentation in trays and plates.

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