Tips for Summer Wedding Cakes

cake1The wedding cakes in Los Angeles, CA are considered as one of the most important elements in Weddings. It is the showpiece of any wedding reception and probably the identity of the couples. Every bride wants here cake delicious and beautiful. However, when talking about summer wedding there are things that should be considered in choosing cake. Not all wedding cakes can handle heat this is why before picking one you should analyze first what is appropriate for the summer wedding.

First thing that you need to consider acquiring perfect wedding cake in Los Angeles, CA is the frosting. Probably you won’t believe that frosting has a huge impact to your cake. For an outdoor wedding, it pays to be sensible in your frosting selection especially if it is summer wedding. Experts suggest that fondant is the best and perfect choice for frosting. Though battercream is cheap and affordable but it can’t tolerate heat. This frosting will melt and ruin the appearance of your wedding cake. Unlike fondant, this type of frosting can stand in high temperature environment. However, if you insist of having the buttercream then you need to put extra effort. Have your cake refrigerated until about 30 minutes before the cake cutting ceremony which means that you can’t display the cake not until the cutting.

Once you have your wedding cake in Los Angeles, CA you need to protect the cake from direct heat and light from the sun. Whether it is buttercream or fondant frosting the cake should not be exposed to direct sunlight because it will affect the taste and quality of the cake. Make sure that the cake is well-sheltered. If the reception is open at least provide a small tent to shelter the cake.  Even if you are going to have an indoor wedding you should keep in mind that some places particularly within the window the cake will still catch the sunlight. It is important that your cake be displayed away from direct sunlight for any summer wedding, indoors or out.

Since it is summer it would be great to serve wedding cakes in Los Angeles, CA with light and fruity flavor to refresh the guests. Although chocolate cakes are very much perfect for wedding but the fact that the flavor and consistency of chocolate is quite off for hot summer day. One of the best choices is the sponge cake with a touch of citrus. If in case you are not a fan of citrus flavored cakes then you could probably angel food cake will fit your taste. It would be absolutely beautiful to frost each one in a different pastel shade which is perfect match to summer.

While considering the frosting you also need to keep an eye with the ingredient used for the decoration. Just like the frosting cake decoration can be made from buttercream or fondant. If this is the case you should follow instruction above to keep the decoration intact.

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