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Seven Tricky Ways to Save on Your Wedding Venue

Make Your Wedding Venue Affordable!

Wedding events are costly. Good thing, there are also many ways on how you can make each part of your wedding needs within your reach. For now, why don’t you start with your wedding venue? Here are some tricks that can help you save big on your budget for your wedding venues.

Hire one that is recommended to you

Either the recommendation is from a friend or your other wedding suppliers, chances are you can get a better deal and discount once they are aware that the place was recommended to you by someone who was satisfied with the services offered. Make sure that you also inform them that you are also planning to recommend this place to other people as well.

Avoid peak season

Due to the law of supply and demand, venue hire costs are higher during peak season. That is why when you choose your wedding date, it is best to go for periods when it is off-season. Avoid summer months as many hold events during this season, thus you have a lot of competition in hiring your ideal wedding venues.

Avoid Saturdays

Saturday is also a regular in-demand day. This day is widely chosen to do events since there is a bigger chance for all of the guests to come. That is why booking for a venue for a Saturday wedding is more expensive than the other week days.  

Choose a multi-purpose venue

A wedding venue where you can do both your ceremony and reception will definitely save you a lot. Not only that, you also get to save on your transportation costs. It is also very convenient for you and your guests as you won’t need to travel just to go to the next venue. Hotels are good wedding venue examples that offer spaces both for the ceremony and reception.

Do not over rent!

For this, you have to consider how big our wedding would be. Have a good estimate of how many of your guests can make it on your wedding day. This way, you will have an idea how big your venue should be. Of course, you don’t want to hire a too small venue for your wedding. You also would not want to over rent and spend more on your decorations just to fill the empty spaces.

Go for wedding packages

If wedding packages are offered by a good wedding venue, then you definitely should take it. Wedding packages are offered to help couples be more practical when planning for their big day. These usually include catering services, rentals, bridal suite, planning services, and amenities.

If not, use your backyard

If hiring a wedding venue is not really a part of your plan, then you should consider having a backyard wedding. Maybe with just a bit of makeover, you can turn your backyard to your ideal wedding venue.

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How to Have a Stress-Free Wedding by Booking a Venue at a Hotel?

Suave Ways to Help You Book the Right Wedding Hotel Venue

In the world full of trends, couples are really looking forward to having a stress-free wedding planning. No one wants to be a crazy bridezilla before the wedding day comes, right? It will wrinkle down your beautiful faces. It is always the right thing to look for a wedding venue that can make sure to pin down all your needs and wants for your wedding event. You might be thinking of booking a wedding venue at a hotel. Yes, a hotel really does have everything you need – from banquet halls to catering services – no doubt that it will lessen your problems. However, booking a hotel can be tricky. After all, there are maybe a hundred of different hotels in your city and you just need one for the big day. So to help you out, here are some specific ways on how to know what hotel to book for the wedding day:


Decide on Your Wedding Style and Theme

The first thing that you need to do before finding a hotel wedding venue then look for a photography expert and  decide on your wedding style and theme. Knowing what style of wedding you want will help you determine the type of hotel you need to book for. You might want to have an elegant wedding; this is the place to be. If you want to make it look like a Star Wars movie, you need to have a bigger hotel space for the added decorations. If you want to just have a simple banquet hall, find a hotel that offers simple style. Whatever type of style or theme you had in mind, it will make it easier to cross out the ones that don’t make your list.

Search Reviews on the Internet

Next, you might want to check some reviews on the internet. Search their websites and find out what their costumers think about them. This is also a great help to you to know if the other couples had been satisfied with the hotel service. The more thumbs up or 5- stars rating they get, the better type of hotel it is. So, this is one best way that you can consider to get the right hotel from hotel management programs that you want.

Take a Look Personally

Finally, you need to prepare your car and head on your chosen hotels. It is essential to find out what is the whole look of the hotel before you book it. Taking a look personally will help you feel the environment, the aura and the sensation of the place. As you see it with your own eyes, try to imagine how you will celebrate your big day in that area. Thus, it will make booking a wedding venue at a hotel easily done.

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