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Include Mason Jars to Add Color to Your Wedding Catering in Raleigh, NC

How to Personalized Mason Jars at Your Reception?

If you want to build something interesting and include it in your wedding catering in Raleigh, NC, you actually can. Mason jars are hugely popular right now in the crafting world, providing infinite possibilities when it comes to DIY projects. This is one project that you can incorporate in your wedding catering to satisfy your guests in your wedding event.

Wedding CateringHere are some ideas on how you can make them into something amazing:


Perhaps the first alternative use for mason jars was as a beverage container.  Serve your favorite cocktail in decorated mason jars for a rustic feel.  Dress up the jars as much or as little as you’d like to add a personal flair.

Party favors for the guests

Give your guests a memento to take home with them.  Take any simple recipe and layer the ingredients to create pretty party favors.  You can give them hot cocoa and cookie mix are because they are both great options. Another fun spin on this idea would be to layer different kinds of bath salts and goodies in a jar for your guests. Additional info here.


Serve individual desserts in mason jars for an adorable wedding treat.  These can be served after dinner or guests can take them home to enjoy after the reception.  S’mores in a jar, blueberry pie in a jar, and no-bake strawberry cheesecake in a jar are all delicious desserts that look pretty served in a mason jar.

Cake topper

Nothing shows your love for mason jars like using it as your cake topper to make it more appetizing in your wedding picture.  This is a fun little way to incorporate mason jars in your wedding catering in Raleigh, NC without having to include them in every aspect of your wedding.  Match the jar and cake to your wedding’s color palette to add a bit of rustic charm to your special day.

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Decors for a Rustic Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Catering in Dallas, Texas

Ideas for a Rustic-Themed Wedding Reception

Looking for beautiful decors for a rustic-themed  wedding ceremony and wedding catering in Dallas, Texas? There’s so many options that you can choose from.

Wedding CateringMany couples love the idea of a rustic wedding because of its unique and pretty laid back character. Consider these stuffs that you can use for your rustic ceremony and reception.

For your chapel decors, use golden garlands of wheat to adorn the rafters and the chapel’s pew for a picture perfect. To create an ethereal effect, layer the strands of garlands with feathers. You’ll see how elegant and magical these stuffs especially when touched by the last rays of sunlight.

Another way to incorporate a rustic vibe to your wedding reception is by having the guests pick up cowbells along with their respective escort cards. You can use sheep or cowbells as your wedding favor, call to meals, or table assignments.

Hang wheat-covered wire baskets as your chandelier. This is especially beautiful if you’re reception is outdoors at a garden or a courtyard overlooking a picturesque countryside. Then ask provider of your wedding catering in Dallas, Texas to use vases filled with wildflowers and branches of shrubs.

For your wedding favors, give each of your guests with oversized and handcrafted caramel bars wrapped in a wax paper.Then add a ribbon to finish a rustic appearance of your favors. You can also give cupcakes as your favors carefully arranged inside a small wooden basket.

For your table numbers, place a large numeral on top of a bundle of wheat in every tables. First, paint the number on a cardboard and cover it’s edges with thin linen. Then insert it on a bunch of wheat which it can conveniently stand on its own.

To give your guests some fun before leaving your reception, prepare burlap sachets filled with sunflower seeds and toss them before the night’s end. This is especially great if your reception is held on ranch, a barn, or a country manor.

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Flavorful Food Ideas for Wedding Catering in Nashville, TN

Serving Good Food in a Wedding Reception

Coming up with good food for a reception of your big day might be a huge challenge especially if you don’t have the love for the art of cooking. Before you sign the agreement with the caterer, you need to know which type of setup you are going to pick first. Please try to consider if it will be a catering reception for breakfast, lunch or dinner, look at this website.

There are cases wherein you can deviate from the usual type of food catering. It does not actually matter for as long as your guests were able to enjoy your event, especially the food. Here are some of the food ideas you can try when you hire a service of wedding catering in Nashville, TN:

Wedding CateringSociable food

One of the many ways to make guests interact with each other is through food. There are list of menus that can push them to socialize with each other, like fajitas, fondues, tapas, desserts, appetizers and many more. Put it in the center table, and notice how they will start to flock like ants.

Festival catering

If your reception is outdoor, double the loads of fun by hiring catering vans loaded with food, like baked potatoes, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, falafels and many more. You can also feature local delicacies on your festival catering. Of course, it will not be complete without loud music and dancing. This setup is also perfect for beach weddings. This is ideal if you want to have festive themed wedding photography.


If there is one thing to learn about bridal catering, it does need to be arranged exclusively on dinner time. You can have it in the morning as well. Serve your guests with sumptuous bacon, eggs, pancakes, French toasts, croissants, fresh fruits, doughnuts, yoghurt and many more.

Of all the elements on your reception, food should be given much attention. Your guests will not remember your event because of the beautiful dress you’re wearing; they are most likely to remember it because they have experienced good food. Invest your cash on the right provider of wedding catering in Nashville, TN to ensure high quality menus.

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