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Create Fabulous DIY Finishing Touches with Wedding Planners in San Francisco, CA’s Help

How to Make Your Wedding Day Magical?

Wedding PlannerHaving a magical wedding of a lifetime is a bride’s dream. When it comes to make your wedding fantastic, you tend to find wedding planners in San Francisco, CA to help you out. Sure, planners can always advice you in everything that you need in your wedding event as well as help you into managing everything – from small details to the bigger ones. Anyway, here are some tips from wedding planners in helping you out on your wedding day:

For Table Decors

You can fill vintage china bowls or cups with a beautiful blend of fresh-dried delphiniums and wildflowers. It creates a gorgeous centre piece that’s quick and easy to do. You’ll find vintage china or your local charity shop or at a car boot sale. This table decors will make your wedding photographs magical.

For Wedding Favors

Love Hearts are cheap to buy and readily available in sweet shops or online. Simply tie a cellophane bag with lace or ribbon and attach a personalized heart or tag. Double up your place cards and favors by personalizing with your guests’ names.

For Seating Plan

For a stunning table plan in a great setting, print panels of guest names by table on your computer and then attach them to a mirror with Velcro dots. The mirror can be recycled afterwards as a memory of your special day.

For Invitations

Your invitations will be the first glimpse that your guests have of your special day. Think about whether you want to bring your wedding color scheme into the design of your invites, or if you are going to stick with the traditional wedding colors of ivory, white, gold or silver and keep your scheme under wraps until the big day.

This are very great ideas that your wedding planners in San Francisco, CA can help out when you want to DIY your wedding event. So, make it more fun by incorporating these finishing touches.

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3 Powerful Skills of a Professional Wedding Planner in San Diego, CA That Distinguished it From a Hobbyist

Attributes of a Professional Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task for any wedding planner in San Diego, CA. However, it is their main concern and nature of work to plan things out smoothly and with security. It is not easy to be a wedding planner wherein all the hard work and decision-making is yours. If you really like attending to intimate parties like a wedding , then you should have the following traits in order to be an effective organizer.

Great communication skills.

wedding plannerThis is a people-related work. Most of the time, you will be facing and conversing with different types of people. Professional wedding planners in San Diego, CA spend an unbelievable amount of time with their brides, sometimes communicating every single day regarding wedding vendors like caterer, bridal photographers and a lot more. The bond you form with your client should be based on honesty, trust and mutual respect.

It is also important to communicate with your vendors and suppliers based on honesty and commitment.  Treating wedding vendors with respect and professionalism will go a very long way in your career. As you plan weddings, you’ll come across situations that will test you and push you to the limits of your diplomatic skills. Fight the urge to react unkindly. Your personality is what people will remember.

Ability to maintain a good disposition.

Weddings are such personal events with people around being so emotional and all. Even with the help of a planner, brides can become overwhelmed and stressed out. It could also get worse as the day of the big event is approaching. As a professional planner, it is your task to remain calm in all situations. You should be able to comfort the people in the zone, especially the bride. You gotta think on your feet as unexpected situations may arise. As you plan more and more events this wedding planner skill gets easier and you’ll quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.


Being organized and developing systems is one of the wedding planner skills that separates truly professional wedding planners from the hobbyists. You have to make sure that all base is covered because a tiny glitch can make a very big difference.

Create a checklist that would be your basis for your day to day activities. Top-notch organization skills are not just limited to your client’s weddings. You’ll need this wedding planner skill to operate your very own wedding planning business. Don’t worry, if you’re a bit messy by now, organization skills can be acquired.

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